Writing a new Chapter


When I got the 9th edition Space Marine Codex I was stunned by the Primaris Models. And when I held the first model in my hands I was impressed by the proportion and detail and the sheer size. I always imagined Space Marines as superhuman warriors who can wipe out almost everything with just their Bolt rifles and a chainsword. At least this is the picture I have in my head when I read the novels.

I was away from the hobby for three years so I haven’t really recognized the Primaris models. Or if I saw them I probably wasn’t interested because the hobby wasn’t relevant at this time.
When I got back into the hobby a couple months ago, I thought about building small warbands for a narrative campaign, learn the rules properly and actually play Warhammer 40k. So I got myself the 9th edition rulebook (it’s the first rulebook I ever owned because I was always more of a converter and painter than a gamer) and I also got the 9th edition Space Marine Codex.

I played a few games with my Star Claws to learn the basics of the game. But I always looked at the Primaris models while flipping through the Codex and thought ‘oh man these are way more beautiful than my old small chunky Marines’ (even though I tried my best to convert them and give them interesting poses). I quickly came to the conclusion that I just had to build a new army. Completely Primaris. Completely in the right scale. Completely awesome!

It was about time to add a new chapter to my hobby life


The idea grew and grew in my head. What color? What models? And so on. I learned about the new -at least new for me- contrast colors and I saw what awesome effect you can create if you paint them over metallic paint. I wanted something popping, something that stands out on the table, something that has a nice effect to it. So after watching a lot of contrast paint review videos and looking at color charts of metal/contrast paint tests I just went for one of my favourite color. A green turquoise. In my head heavily weathered, battleworn, but still kind of candy-ish. After a few tests with the new paints on some old testmodels I found the right recipe for what I was looking for. It’s super easy and fast and I’m so happy everytime I look at the models.

I got myself the Blood Angels battle force because I liked the mix in there. Intercessors, Infiltrators, Librarian AND a grav tank? Hell yeah! Seems like a good start to get to know the new models and to get comfortable building and painting them.

The models aren’t 100% finished. I plan on adding some of Forge World’s Horus Heresy Emperors Children Transfers . Specifically the golden Claw with the wing. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll build a complete background story for this army and how they might be connected to the Emperor’s Children. But for now I chose the transfers because I just like how they look.


Infiltrator WIP


One last sidenote: This project is heavily inspired by Iron Sleets very own Migs and his absolutely stunning Blood Angels force . These guys and the whole Instagram community are always a big inspiration for me and I’m in awe of what people are able to create.

Cheers, Philipp


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